AgWater Solutions​

AgWater addresses the agriculture industry’s broad challenge of livestock waste/manure disposal through a series of technologies that enable significant advancements in the ability to control manure waste-streams. Utilizing a containerized platform that fits on a standard semi-truck, AgWater’s processing units can treat livestock wastewater streams and actually harvest out valuable nutrients including Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus for reuse and reapplication back into the farming cycle.

AgWater’s unique IP delivers a solution that is significantly more cost-effective than current operations, offering mid-sized and large production operations the ability to expand beyond current size constraints multiplying efficiencies while minimizing costs. Adding AgWater’s ability to harvest the valuable nutrients into re-marketable products creates the best balance of waste management, environmental stewardship, and process optimization.

Systems range from smaller units focused on individual farms with a broader variety of influent requirements through large units streamlined to process waste streams for 1,000’s of animals.
AgWater’s systems allow for improved lagoon processing, as well as daily batch or even continuous flow configurations allowing the highest levels of effectiveness while also providing a seamless roadmap from current needs to the best solution for your operation.

For more information please contact:
John Havener, CEO